School Activities

Work experience is a part of the school curriculum and compulsory for every student. One period per week is allocated for this. The aim is to teach a skill which can be pursued as a hobby too, resulting in a perfect blend of academics and activities for the overall development of a child.
Main activity under the useful productive work (SUPW) is RE-CYCLING where children make useful products like shagan envelopes, bags, greeting cards etc. from the re-cycled paper made from waste material.

The following activities are offered:

  • Drawing & Painting
  • Music (Vocal; & Instrumental)
  • Dance (Gidha, Bhangra and other regional dances )
  • Paper flower making
  • Embroidery
  • Needle Work and Knitting
  • Cookery


Students are periodically checked by pediatric, dental and eye specialists. Special health cards have been made by the school as per CBSE norms for students’ health records.


The school has a contingent of National Cadet Corps for girls. Students attend camps and are periodically sent for training.