Rules & Regulations

1. Every student must bring the school diary to the school daily. Parents should regularly check teacher's remarks in the diary and sign.
2. School has introduced Mobile App for the convenience of parents. This application will cover News and Events, School Calendar, Weekly Reports, Attendance, Notifications, Circulars, Bus Tracking and Fee status. Parents must regularly view the updates on the App.
3. Children coming to school on two wheelers must have the requisite driving licence and must wear helmet.
4. No child will be allowed to go home during school hours unless prior written intimation is given to the class teacher in the first period itself.
5. Parents are requested to send a leave application on the day leave is to be availed, otherwise the child will be fined Rs.15/- per day of absence without leave.
6. 90% attendance is required in the school during the session.
7. Parents are not permitted to enter the class rooms during school hours.
8. Parents are requested to visit the school on 1st and 3rd Saturday ONLY between 11.00 am to 12.30 pm unless there is an emergency.
9. Children causing any damage to school property will be fined individually or collectively.
10. A Child suffering from any infection disease will not be permitted to attend classes to avoid the spread of disease to other children of the school.
11. All rules and regulations of the school are to be strictly observed by the students. If any of these rules is broken then in the first instance a fine will be imposed and repetition will lead to disciplinary action including suspension.
12. Any student who desires to leave the school after or during the session, must submit one month's prior notice, otherwise a month's fee will be charged.
13. Security will only be refunded after the transfer certificate is obtained.
14. School Management requires 7 days to issue any type of certificate concerning a students.
15. Any duplicate certificate required will be charged Rs.200/- per copy.
16. Parents-Teacher Meet will be held quarterly.
17. Mobile Phones are not allowed in the School premises.