Management's Message

Blossoms School, Patiala, established in 1981, started as a nursery school with five children and reached the Senior Secondary level in the year 2005. The institution has surpassed the humble dream of the three trustees, Mrs. Daisy Grewal, Mrs. Ravi Singh, and Mrs. Sant Chahal who have strived hard to provide quality education. With the vision of creating thinking skills among children, we believe the role of a teacher to be essential yet discreet in exploring the expression and ability of a child. A Blossoms School toddler is a happy child as our Kindergarten is a children’s garden.
The famous quote of Noble Laureate Amartya Sen explains beautifully that, “basic education is not just an arrangement for training to develop skills, it is also a recognition of the nature of the world, with its diversity and richness, and an appreciation of freedom and reasoning, as well as friendship. The need for that understanding – that vision – has never been stronger”.
The primary purpose of this school is to guide the child in self discovery by identifying and nurturing the child’s talents. This is achieved by exploring co-scholastic skills. Education is not merely acquiring the degree; in fact it goes beyond all bookish knowledge to make children grow into mature citizens of the country.
With this the school can boast of being a microcosm of a society following a dynamic approach towards education in accordance with the changing needs of society and a constant endeavour on the part of the administrators and teachers to ensure maximum participation of their students.

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